Employee Spotlight: Philip R.

We are so fortunate to have some great people here at Flexpress and one of the best is Philip, our GM. If you have ever called or come in, there is a very good chance you’ve had the pleasure of talking with him. While Philip is an incredibly strong source of knowledge about all things print related, we’ve decided to put him to the test and find out a few things about a different subject – him. We think you will be as impressed as we are.

You are such a presence at Flexpress. How long have you been with the company?
Eleven years.

What was your first job at Flexpress?
We really didn’t have positions/titles when I started in 2000. We had a much smaller staff. You were expected to be able to handle everything that came in, or find a way to make it happen. It was really important to be able to multitask and handle multiple jobs/positions: help customers, scan jobs, run the machines, do bindery, and work nights and weekends. Luckily over the last decade we have been able to grow at a pace that has allowed us to expand to where employees can be focused on one or two positions in the company, instead of having 6-10 areas of focus.

How would you describe your current duties at Flexpress?
I still have many of the same job duties I did when I started 11 years ago.  But with the addition of overseeing the17 full time and part time employees in the production department a lot of my job involves the logistics of making sure the right people are at the shop at the right time, making sure they have what they need, and making sure the client gets their job on time and it is correct.

Can you run every machine at Flexpress?
I used to be able to run every machine with no problem, out of necessity. From 2000-2006 I was going to school while working at Flexpress. I would return to the office in the evening to print and bind the jobs I promised during the day. Now, it is more like I know how to keep them running, or know just enough to get me in trouble at night or on the weekend.

How does that knowledge of all departments help you help your customers?
The knowledge helps in communicating with my clients on what we need to do to get the results they are expecting.  Or telling them what they might need to fix/adjust to get the best product. And in a few circumstances even telling the client we just can’t do it, but I know someone who can help them with a particular job. I would rather turn away a job than give a client something I know they won’t be happy with.

I know you are a bit of a workaholic with a great deal of dedication to your job, but what do you like to do outside of work?
The thing I enjoy the most now is being at home with my dog, Carson.  And I still enjoy going to the gym several times a week.

Are there any organizations that you belong to?
Yes, the coolest one ever: Flexpress.

Now, down to the real scoop. Do you have any hidden talents?
Yes. I can still bench press more than my body weight, I can cut paper down from parent sheets, and I know and can figure out grain direction!

What one thing would people be most surprised to find out about you?
I went to school to be a CPA. But I never took the test.

Thanks, Philip! I know there are a lot of very grateful customers and people at Flexpress who are extremely glad you chose to stay with Flexpress rather than go the CPA route.