Employee Spotlight: Sue S.

Our employees are a great and diverse group of people and we want to let you know a little bit about them. This month we talk with Sue, one of the behind-the-scenes go-getters that keeps Flexpress running. If you’ve ever visited Flexpress you may have noticed a smiling, multi-tasking blur of energy zipping around getting things done. That blur is Sue. We’ve slowed her down enough to answer a few questions today and only wish you could hear the laughter in her voice as she answered them.

How long have you been with Flexpress?
From the beginning … 20 years.

What is your official title at Flexpress?
Administration. That means I do Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. I also research client solutions as needed and I’m not only always ready to assist with anything, I probably have at one point or another!

Wow, that sounds like you wear a lot of hats. Prior to Flexpress, what has been the most unusual job you’ve ever held?
In high school I worked in the commissary at the State Hospital. That prepared me for just about anything.

What is your favorite part of your job at Flexpress?
Talking on the phone with clients and working with other Flexpress employees. We have a great group of people here.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Anything to do with horses. Whether it’s showing, brushing, bathing or cleaning tack I love it. The only thing that can tear me away from my two horses is the opportunity to go to the beach with my husband and my family.

That’s right, you have a stable. How did you get started with the horses/stable?
Like many young girls, my love of horses started very young. My Mom says “you never grew out of it.” I started riding ponies bareback and never looked back. Now I have two hunter jumpers and I love to show them off at competitions. It is such a thrill.

Are there any organizations that you belong to?
NTHJC (North Texas Hunter Jumper Club) and AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)

What one thing would people be most surprised to find out about you?
That I have four awesome brothers (no sisters) and I was a total “tomboy” growing up. It still lingers. I’d rather have on jeans and riding boots than a dress and heels. Hmmm … maybe that isn’t really too much of a surprise, after all. I really do love my horses.

Thanks, Sue! And good luck on your next horse show.