Service on Display

Flexpress hand bindery Dallas

You’ll notice Flexpress is different the minute you walk into our lobby. Our people are easily accessible. So accessible, in fact, that you will find both Sandy, our CSR; and Philip, our manager, stationed right there when you walk in. Why? Because we believe in putting service front and center. No gatekeeper, no barriers, just quick and friendly answers.

The difference doesn’t stop with Philip and Sandy’s customer-friendly presence. Right behind Philip’s desk is a window to our bindery with a great view of the inner workings of our bindery on display for all to see. Most printers prefer to keep this area at the back of the building, out of sight. Perhaps because they adhere to the notion that much like sausage making, there are some things that are better appreciated when the process is unknown. We couldn’t disagree more. We have the window to show off our people and our process. It is not only fascinating to watch projects come together but we also think it provides an opportunity to see who is doing the work and realize the pride our employees take in their efforts.

At Flexpress we see this important step in the production process as an art form, and we love to share it. In an industry where technology continues to make amazing strides there is still a need for the skilled hand bindery unit and we don’t mind showcasing ours. Are there times when the bindery resembles something close to controlled chaos? Absolutely! Hard work can get a little messy sometimes. That is the nature of a fast paced industry and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But even within that chaos is the rhythm of an intricate dance as projects are deftly cut, bound and hand assembled by our team. And it truly is teamwork on display. Nowhere is the family atmosphere we live by more evident than in our bindery.

For all the cool equipment and latest advances in digital presses, ultimately it is still people that make the difference. We invite you to stop by and see ours in action. Ask questions, get a quote, or just sit back and watch the print production process come to life. Because, honestly, who doesn’t enjoy watching other people work?