Thanks to All of Our Flexpress Family

Flexpress Digital Printing employees We speak often of the new technology and top-of-the-line equipment we have here at Flexpress, but we know it doesn’t mean a thing without our great employees. We see the dedication our employees put into their jobs every day and want to send out a sincere “thank you!” to each one for all their hard work. From the technical savvy needed to run the equipment to the incredible ninja-like hand skills of our bindery crew as they assemble the detailed pieces we print, customer service and pride in a job well done is evident every step of the way. We also want to thank our customers for partnering with us. We strive daily to deliver the best possible product as we work for you and with you. And, of course, our vendors deserve a big nod of appreciation for working hard to provide the equipment and materials we need to do our jobs. It truly is a team effort and we hope everyone knows how much they are appreciated. Thanks to all, and have a great Labor Day Weekend!