Employee Spotlight: Ralph L.

What is your official title at Flexpress?
I believe my official title would be Printer Operator/Bindery

How would you describe your duties at Flexpress?
My job at Flexpress varies due to being a printer and working in bindery. At times I am collating books, padding, inserting, tabs and binding, and other times I’m working the printers, running jobs and monitoring the machines.

What is your favorite part of your job?
The favorite part of my job would be the spontaneous goods and big potlucks we have about every month. I can never resist free food and desserts.

What one thing would people be most surprised to find out about you?
One thing I think people would be most surprised to find out is that I was in All District Choir.

What do you like to do outside of work?
When I’m not working, I love to relax and just hang out with friends. I also love dancing, filming, going to the gym and playing sports such as football and basketball.

I understand you are in a dance group. How did you get interested in that?
The dance group I’m involved in is a group called the Filipino Student Association (FSA) at The University of Texas at Dallas. I’ve always wanted to dance, especially modern hip-hop. Friends that were in FSA introduced me to the group and I started to attend all the events and meetings. The group generally represents Filipino heritage and also its culture. We perform cultural dances, have Filipino styled meals and dinners, and have several events.

You mentioned you enjoy competitive sports? Any in particular?
Yes! I really enjoy playing football. I played football during my freshman and junior year and I just love the thrill of it and the adrenaline when playing.

Tell us a little about your interest in photography. What is your favorite subject matter?
I first got involved in photography when I took a photography class during high school. And from then on, taking photos and the artistic creativity of it is pretty interesting. I’d have to say that abstract/nature and clouds/skies would be my favorite subject matters.

What else do you like to do with your free time? Are there any organizations that you belong to?
Other than just relaxing with friends and going out, I enjoy watching movies, playing games and playing flag football during my free time. As of now, the organization I’m active in would be UTD’s Filipino Student Association.

It sounds like you have a lot of talents. Is there one that you keep hidden, or only show off for party tricks time?
I think the dancing comes out of me when it comes to partying and blaring music.

Thanks for sharing with us, Ralph. We love the energy you bring to Flexpress!