Personalized Messages Hit the Target

As marketing options continue to increase, the number of messages consumers receive each day is reaching critical mass. How can you stand out in this crowded field? Surprisingly, the best answer might be direct mail. This “old school” approach is actually favored by U.S. consumers, according to a recent survey by Epsilon Targeting. Not only does direct mail get high marks for the preferred method of receiving information, but also for the trustworthiness of the info received. A resounding 60% of those polled said they enjoying checking their mailboxes for postal mail.*

It isn’t considered especially sexy or new by marketers, but the numbers indicate consumers do have an emotional bond to direct mail. Adding personalized messages via Variable Data Printing is a great way to further increase that connection. VDP is a process whereby copy and even graphics can be customized inline on digital presses while the job is being printed. This means a marketing piece can be adapted any number of ways to suit the individual recipient, creating a more one-to-one experience. It creates brand recognition and a memorable message because, honestly, who doesn’t like to be recognized and catered to? By targeting their interests and providing relevant content you can save the recipient’s time and earn their appreciation while increasing response rates.

Personalize catalogs, direct mail postcards, letters, mailers, and offers to match the current and potential customers you are targeting. Try incorporating Variable Data into your Cross Media Marketing by adding PURLs (Personalized URLs) on the direct mail piece and drive the customer to a customized web page. Not only will the extra layer of personalization create a “wow” connection, but the responding clicks can be studied for even further customization on follow up pieces. Reward them for sharing their information with a specific offer based on what you already know about their demographics and purchasing history. Think of it as a courtship. It takes time to build a database, but keep it, groom it, and reap the benefits of better customer relationships.

For more information on Variable Data Printing contact us at and we will be glad to discuss how it works on press and, more importantly, how it can work for you.