Our Scratch Off Technology is a Winner

Flexpress digital print scratch off

If you’ve been wishing you could streamline the production of your next scratch off promotion, you’re in luck! Thanks to our Variable Data capabilities we can print all of the varied messages and codes inline without missing a beat or slowing the process down. Then to top it off, we can top it off – literally, with the scratch off coating. Wow, right?

It is no secret that Variable Data Printing is a perfect solution for producing the multiple versions needed for typical contests and promotions. It is not uncommon for the majority of offset printers to print the losing tickets offset and the smaller quantity of winning tickets digital. The slight variations make it possible to tell the difference between the two when they are side by side, without scratching anything off. By printing all pieces digital that problem is solved. Unlike traditional offset printing, digital printing can make changes on the fly so there is no need to stop and change out plates. The changes happen instantly as the sheets pass through the press and all tickets will have a uniform look and feel. The only hurdle in the past was the application of the opaque scratch off covering. We’ve been experimenting with it for some time and, quite honestly, we are very excited to announce that we have a winner!

This combination of Variable Data and scratch off capabilities promises to be a great time and money saving print production tool for our customers. Contests, direct mail promotions, and sweepstakes are only a few of the possibilities. Thanks to the ability of our iGens to print on heavy stock and plastic we can even print phone and access cards that require a removable opaque coating over their PIN codes.

If you would like to see a sample or learn more about creating the best files for this process drop us a line at sales@flexpress.com.