Thoughts on Labor Day

Monday, Sept. 5, is the 129th anniversary of the first Labor Day celebrated in America. With our current global economy in mind, it is even more important than ever to thank the good folks who keep our businesses running.

So on this holiday, as we celebrate the contributions that workers make to the strength of our country, we’d like to say thank you to those whose labor makes our company stronger.

At Flexpress we see the dedication our employees put into their jobs every day and want to send out a warm “thank you” to each one. We also want to thank our customers for partnering with us. We strive daily to earn the trust you put in us to deliver what you need to keep your businesses strong. And, of course, our vendors deserve a big nod of appreciation for working hard to provide the equipment and materials we need to do our jobs. It truly is a team effort and we sincerely hope everyone enjoys the rewards of our collaborative labor.

To all, we say “Sit back and enjoy a much deserved rest on Monday.  You’ve earned it!”


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