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Making Your Message Pop: Typography Essentials for Custom Poster Design

Typography isn’t just about choosing fonts; it’s an art that can elevate your custom poster design to a whole new level. But before delving into the intricate world of fonts and typography, let’s address some pressing questions about printers and their role in bringing these designs to life. Which Printer is Commonly Used at a […]

A Salute to Our Forefathers

As we pause our presses on July 4th to celebrate our nation’s independence we would like to extend our gratitude to those early American patriots who used print as a means to gain and protect the freedoms we enjoy today. Muskets and cannons will be mimicked with fireworks this 4th but, as printers, we can’t help but […]

Top 10 Things We Love About Digital Printing

We love digital printing. We love thinking about. We love talking about it. We love doing it. And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching we’d love to share why: 1. Fast Turns. No offset plates = short set up time, and at 110 pages per minute our presses are fearless in the face of deadlines. 2. Ton of […]

Expand Your Reach with Every Door Direct Mail™

Recently we discussed the personalized targeting capabilities of variable data printing in direct marketing. But what about those times when you simply don’t have a database established yet? The United States Postal Service is offering a new service that allows you to reach every customer in a chosen area without having the street addresses or […]

Final Impressions of 2011

As so many people do at this time of year we took a moment to look back on 2011. We were pleasantly reminded of the many good things we enjoyed this year. Some things have changed, others remain the same, but ultimately it is our relationships that we remember most fondly. Employees, customers and community […]

Are QR Codes Here to Save Print?

It seems many pundits are ready to write print media off as a dying industry. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions are dwindling. The post office is having financial problems. eReaders are cutting into traditional book sales. Marketing dollars are being spent in a wider variety of ways as the Internet and electronic devices continue to offer […]

Thoughts on Labor Day

Monday, Sept. 5, is the 129th anniversary of the first Labor Day celebrated in America. With our current global economy in mind, it is even more important than ever to thank the good folks who keep our businesses running. So on this holiday, as we celebrate the contributions that workers make to the strength of our […]

Digital vs. Offset Printing

“When is a job better suited to digital vs. offset printing?”  It is a common question. And also one with constantly changing answers. In the past the arguments for offset used to be very easy to rattle off: better resolution/quality; the ability to use PMS colors rather than rely solely on CMYK; more paper options; […]

Great Results Start With Good Files

As a certain pizza chain likes to say “Better ingredients. Better pizza.” So it goes with printing as well. Better art files make a better printed piece. In an effort to help everyone achieve better results we offer a few simple pointers that can make a big difference. Start With the Right Tools Don’t get […]