Move Over, Pulp Fiction

Plain vanilla. White bread. Borrrinng. Digital printing means being limited to a narrow choice of stock, right? Many people think that due to short runs and the very process of digital printing, that the only paper choices are white coated or white uncoated.

It’s time to put that myth to rest. Those days are long gone at Flexpress. The truth is, digital press capabilities have improved dramatically over the years, and continue to do so. Our Xerox iGens can print on gloss, matte, dull and silk coated papers as well as uncoated textured and specialty stocks, even recycled. Additionally – and we are really excited about this – we have an agreement with a paper dealer that makes it possible for us to provide specialty papers no matter how short the run.

Announcements and invitations are just two examples of projects which benefit from our ability to print digitally on specialty papers.

And by specialty papers, we mean it. This exclusive agreement is like a super nova in terms of opening the design possibilities for digital projects. Seriously! Announcements, invitations, pocket folders and presentation kits can now be printed in whatever quantity you need, on the stock you really want, without sacrificing your creative vision or blowing your budget with minimum carton requirements.

We offer a wide assortment of colors, weights and finishes – even some duplex stocks. We can print on writing, text and cover weights in the following stocks:

• Classic Crest, Classic Laid, Classic Linen including Pearl finishes

• Cordenons Stardreams Curious Metallic Shine

• Crane’s Smooth and Letterpress Cover

• Curious Metallics, Touch, Skin Collection, Particles and companions.

• Eames Collection: Furniture Weave and Painting Canvas

• Evergreen and Environment recycled stocks

• Esse Smooth, Pearlized and Textured finishes

• Gainesboro

• Sundance Felt

• Speckletone

• Reich Paper

• Teton

• And of course plastics, pressure sensitive label stock, and envelopes in many of these specialty stocks

This is by no means a complete list, so if there is a special paper you want please check with us for availability. We don’t promise that every paper out there is digital compatible, but we are constantly experimenting and adding to our arsenal. We can also provide other specialty papers, such as Curious Translucents, for flysheets and bindery jobs that require no printing.

If you have questions about parent sheet size, printer compatibility and delivery lead times, please check with us. We love great design and printing just as much as you do and welcome the opportunity to produce it. For all the advances in electronic communications there is still something soul stirring about the feel of a textured sheet or the glimmer of a pearl finish. It reinforces the message on a level that can’t be duplicated online. But it can be done digitally now and we are pleased to offer it as yet one more service to our customers.