Seize the Die!

Yes, you can print pocket folders on a digital press, thanks to our larger paper sizes and handy-dandy pre-made die.

Some print projects call for something out of the box. Others call for something in a box. Fortunately, at Flexpress we can help you with both. We have an extensive library (50 and counting) of dies available to our customers, so feel free to stretch those boundaries, round those corners, and add some pop to your next project.

Customized shapes, pop-ups and promo items are a great way to stand out from the crowd and get more bang for your marketing buck. And speaking of bucks, we don’t charge for dies we already have, only new custom ones. In the case of existing dies you pay only for the cutting charges. If you have a particular size or shape in mind feel free to ask if we have it available. To ensure a smooth printing experience we can provide a template for your design team. Since all printing presses can have slight shifts – even our iGens can move up to 1/16th of an inch – we highly recommend following the live area and bleed area guides on the templates.

As for the dies themselves, we have door hangers, playing cards, popcorn boxes, coasters, bottle neck hangers, pop-up business card mailers, flash drive self mailers, pop-up DVD mailers, tent cards, inside pockets for covers, micro-perfs, rounded corners, and enough ovals, circles, squares, and rectangles to customize just about any project you can imagine.

Also, we have a variety of boxes to hold anything from candy to golf balls and more. We can produce the boxes on any stock we print on including 165# uncoated cover and 18pt coated board – even plastic. We print single-sided on those two thick stocks, but can print double-sided on most others for a pop of color inside the box as well as out. The only limitation is the flat, unfolded box must fit on a 14.33”x20.5” sheet or within 14”x20” if there are bleeds.

Of course, if you have a specific shape or fold in mind we can create a new die for you. That usually adds 2-4 days to the delivery schedule, depending on the complexity of the piece. You can either provide the die line art to us or provide us the specs and our in-house creative department can make it for you.

One of the most useful dies we have, in my opinion, is the 9”x11.5” pocket folder. The pockets, at 2.5” high, are shorter than the typical pocket folder you would get from an offset printer but easily accommodate a business card slit. It actually makes a great deal of sense, both economically and ecologically, to trade tall pockets for the ability to print smaller quantities digitally exactly as you need them. You may be wondering “how well do the shorter pockets hold loose paper?” Well, let’s just say we use them all the time for our promotional papers and are quite pleased with the results. If you want to see for yourself we will gladly send a full sales kit to you. Shameless, aren’t we?

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